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Who are Xena lathes and milling machines for?

– For all and any machine shops that are currently using conventional lathes and milling machines!

Xena lathes and milling machines are conventional assisted control machine tools. This means that the equipment is specially designed and mechanically configured to perform manual machining, BUT the operator will be assisted by a numerical control technology to facilitate and secure its work. It also make simple and accelerate all those machining operations requiring more dexterity, experience and focus at work. Xena is YOUR SOLUTION, to ensure profit, safety at work and sustainability for a manual job shop specialized for maintenance and production of small series.

Since 2007, we’ve been working to modernise and promote conventional machining because this essential profession to so many industries has, for far too long, been served by unsafe, outdated and unproductive equipment. The end result is that conventional machinist profession has now become a job that many will undertake in spite rather than choice. Industries now consider the acquisition of new equipment manual machine tool as an expense rather than as an investment.

To better understand the reasons behind this lack of interest, imagine that, for a job that will secure your future, you need to write up various texts and reports however, you may only use methods and equipment that your grandfather would have used for these tasks in his time such as: a typewriter, a pencil and a pad of paper. With these conditions in mind, very few people would be able to visualise this job as one that will bring them a prosperous future. This is unfortunately the current state of conventional machinery.

A new conventional lathe bought today would be very similar, not to say identical to one that your grandfather would have bought in his day. The method used to cut an angle or a thread would also be identical. In fact, even today, the digital reader that was invented in 1970 is still commonly offered as an option and the safeguarding is not always done from series with permanent solutions. Your new lathe’s security system is instead a generic system similar to what you would currently install on your used equipment.

If using conventional equipment and the previously highlighted reality is yours, Xena is THE SOLUTION for you!




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